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Current Series: The Good Life

The “Good Life” is something most of us long for! Most of us equate
the “Good Life” with having certain things… a nice home, a healthy
family, a great job, plenty of money in our 401k, good friends, time for
golf, time with the grandkids, and time for travel. The prophet Micah
invites us to rethink our view of the “Good Life” from the perspective
of a God who is so good to us. Rather than focusing on what we have or
don’t have, we need to let God define for us what is good. And He does
in one powerful verse in Micah 6:8. The truly “Good Life” is
characterized by Justice. Mercy. Humility. We invite you to join us at
9:00 am on Sunday mornings in November as together we seek to lean
into the “Good Life” that God calls us to!


Bible Classes for All Ages:  

God desires a closer relationship with you! Through daily worship, prayer, and study of His word we are able to grow in our faith and disciple others. (Matthew 28:19)
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