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Current Series: Vibrant!

Prominent American Anthropologist, Margaret Mead, once wrote, "the church is the boringest old thing around." Sadly, that is true in too many cases. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why some people want Jesus, but don't want the church. And yet the picture of the church that emerges in the book of Acts as Luke continues to tell the story of Jesus is anything but boring! The church in Acts is vibrant! It is full of life, Despite a myriad of challenges, the church is thriving; it is flourishing! It is advancing the gospel! We invite you to join us for this important sermon series as we seek to become that vibrant church on mission to make and grow disciples of Jesus!


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God desires a closer relationship with you! Through daily worship, prayer, and study of His word we are able to grow in our faith and disciple others. (Matthew 28:19)
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